Authorized Quest Aircraft Service Center
Quest Aircraft Kodiak
16384 Airport Road Suite 8  |  Brainerd, MN 56401  |  (218) 643-7813

NorthPoint Aviation now offers avionics!  

NorthPoint Aviation has recently acquired Avionics of Minnesota (founded in 1987).

Our FAA certified repair station is your one-stop-shop for all your avionics and instrument needs.  Our certified and experienced Avionics professionals can perform anything from a small project like a routine pitot static check to a full avionics package upgrade.  Our avionics department personnel have over 25 years of experience in avionics system trouble-shooting, installation and instrument overhaul.  We offer autopilot installations, radar installations, GPS, NAV/COM, Audio Panels, Transponders, ADSB, Handhelds, Headsets, Pitot Static Checks, Transponder Checks, IFR Checks and in house instrument overhaul and repair to name a few.  From large jobs to small, we can do them all!

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We can create a state of the art customer instrument panel for your aircraft!

We represent all of the top avionics brands including; Garmin, Aspen, Avidyne, Genesys-Aerosystems (S-Tec), Sandia Aero, PS Engineering, Honeywell, L-3, EI, JPI, Century Flight, Sigma Tec and more.

We service aircraft from light sport to corporate jet aircraft, helicopters and Vintage Aircraft upgrades too. We are your one-stop shop for your ADS-B upgrade.

Have you reserved your ADS-B Rebate yet?  Contact us to for additional information and to schedule your installation. 

We can have you in compliance with the FAA ADS-B mandatory update today!


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