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Flight Training

NorthPoint Aviation’s Flight School will serve you with experienced instructors.  Any instructor you select at NorthPoint Aviation will bring a total flying experience ranging from 25 to 50 years of individual experience.  We will teach you more than what you need to just to pass your exam and will really teach you how to fly the airplane.  Our experienced instructors will share real-life stories generated from more than 200 years of flying experience.  NorthPoint Aviation can provide you with virtually all types of training from private pilot to Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). 

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Train in one of our aircraft or yours.

NorthPoint Aviation is proud to offer the following flight training services:

 Ground Instruction
Private Pilot
Tail Wheel
High Performance/Complex
Insurance Checkouts
Instrument Proficiency Checks
Confidence Building dual instruction
Flight Reviews


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Flight Training

NorthPoint Aviation is proud to provide professional seaplane and amphibian flight instruction to our clients through the un-matched expertise of Mark L. Mathisen. Mark has been fortunate enough to work in the General Aviation float industry for 45 years. During his rewarding career, Mark has trained fire tanker pilots in Asia, Europe and Australia and has done type specific check outs in turbine floatplanes in the Maldive Islands, Europe, China, and Canada. His diverse experiences have included legacy aluminum floats like Edo/Bristol floats up to the new state of the art carbon fiber Aerocet amphibious floats installed on the Quest Kodiak. Flying for international float manufacturers like Aerocet and Wipline has afforded Mark very interesting travels indeed. He has been chief flight test pilot for Wipaire and he has also been the chief Fire Boss water bomber trainer for many years. His extensive experience in Alaska has afforded him respect and admiration amongst his peers. Mark’s extensive seaplane experience ranges from Piper J3, Super Cub, PA 12, Aviat Husky, Cessna 150, 170, 172, 175, 180, 182, 185, 195, 206 & 208 Cara-vans, Turbine Beaver, Turbine Otter, Airtractor, Norseman and Quest Kodiak. Mark is Flight Training arguably one of the top five seaplane instructors in the world. Of the over 17,000 hours of float flying Mark has completed, the Quest Kodiak has become one of his favorite airplanes with its short field performance.

The Quest Kodiak is the hot rod of short field ten place sea planes. It shines in applications where there is a need to operate comfortably, even at the edge of the performance envelope. It’s rugged construction combines supe-rior STOL performance and high useful load. The Kodiak can take off in un-der 1000 feet at a full gross weight and climb to over 1,300 feet per minute. Mark’s lifelong devotion to the aviation industry combined with the Kodiaks performance make this the perfect environment for a student to learn and excel.


Flight Training

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